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How to Select Fabric for Furniture upholstery

More often than not, furniture upholstery fabric is selected based on the color. But it is important to look at other factors to see if the fabric meets your needs. Listed here are some of the key considerations.

Ask yourself who would be using the furniture. If your pets may climb on it often, it would be wise to consider either a microfiber fabric or leather as they are more durable. A durable fabric is the ideal choice if your sofa would be kept in the high traffic area of the home and will, therefore, see heavy usage.

While buying furniture upholstery fabric for heavy usage, keep in mind that woven patterns last much longer than prints. Similarly a denser fabric, with more threads per square inch is considerably more durable.

The choice of the fabric must also be in sync with the style of your furniture. A modern minimalistic style of furniture may not look as good with traditional fabric as a traditional frame would. It is equally important to consider the size of the pattern with respect to the room. A large pattern may not work well in a small room, especially if you have a large sofa to begin with.

Color, of course, is the biggest factor influencing the choice of the upholstery fabric. Bold colors work better in larger rooms. It is better to avoid delicate colors if you have pets or kids running around the house.

Do think of whether warm colors would suit your room better or the cool ones, as this affects the overall mood a room projects. Do not buy a color just because it is in trend right now. Color trends are very fickle. Think if you would still like this color once it is out of fashion, if not, then it is wise to avoid those colors.

If the furniture is placed in a room that gets a lot of direct sun, or is placed next to a window, do consider that the fabric covering the furniture upholstery is fade resistant. If your locality has a humid climate, it is a good choice to consider a mildew resistant fabric. Microfibers that are dust resistant can be an ideal choice if allergies are a concern in the family. Also if you have pets, it would be wise to avoid fabrics that have a lot of texture.

Upholstery fabric is something that will stay with you for a very long time, so do take all the above factors into consideration to make a good choice.

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