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All About Breast Implants

A breast implants procedure has certain risks involved. A number of things could emerge after the surgery is complete. The patient may experience pain in the breasts, numbness around the nipples, formation of scar tissue, causing the area around the implant to congeal.

You may spot bleeding, scarring or an infection. There is also a possibility that the implants may leak or come apart. In case of saline implants, the saline will be sucked in by the body.

When silicone implants burst, there are no symptoms. This is known as a silent rupture. Lastly, there is also a fair chance that the size and shape of the implants may have caused the breasts to appear asymmetrical.

Follow the take-care rules

After the operation is over, follow the post-operative care instructions closely. Use post surgical garments like extra-support bras until the expected recovery period is over. Avoid heavy exercise or weight lifting of any kind.

Sleep in the posture advised by your surgeons. Keep moving your arms lightly so that the body starts getting acquainted with the newly added weight. Visit your doctor regularly for check-ups at least 5-6 months after the surgery.

Avoid excess intake of painkillers

During the period immediately following breast implants, patients are often faced with some amount of pain near the operated area. This is natural. Don’t panic. See your doctor immediately; he will know what kind of painkillers can soothe you. But do not overdo your dose of painkillers. Take them only when absolutely necessary. Painkillers might relieve you temporarily. But they often have negative effects in the long run.


The most important post-operative care is that you should let your body and mind relax at least for a couple of weeks after your surgery. Do not worry about health issues. Do not wear tight dresses. Keep your body and mind far from any strain and stress.

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